31 March 2017

Cross trade news - Freight Traders Ltd moves another large shipment from Korea to USA

Freight Traders Ltd have secured another charter to USA ex Korea, This is a continuation of the existing project secured by Freight Traders and the third charter shipment which included heat exchangers and cooler bundles for USA Power Station build. Coolers were 18.96L x 2.652W x 2.789H / 41 tonne (x8) The heat exchangers were 21.09L x 2.7W x 3.08H / 70.5 tonne......

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20 March 2017

Freight Traders Ltd moves condensers from Korea to New Zealand

As part of Freight Traders Ltd new Power Station project, FTL arranged all the local handling and ocean freight to New Zealand for 2 x heat exchangers each with measurements of 11.5L x 2.25W x 4.2H, and each weighing 41 tonnes, also with 11 x containers and flat racks. The project sailed on time and on budget to meet on site milestones. ...

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